List of Poster Presenters

P-01Changho ChunNeuroimmunology
P-02Hee Jung (Sion) YoonMLOps Considerations in ML Management and System Architecture
P-03Inyoung CheongSocial Media Algorithms as Free Speech
P-04James KimMagnetic Separation of Apoptotic Red Blood Cells for Better Blood Transfusion Practices
P-05Jounsup ParkReal-time noise cancellation module
P-06Kate KangAn Empirical Study of Transforming Offline to Online Commerce
P-07Kim NguyenThe Gaps between STEM Education and Industry: A Focus Group
P-08Kyll Joo ChungA Case Study of Play-Based STREAM Activities using air bounce inflatables at a Kindergarten
P-09Matthew BeckThe JavaScript Event Loop or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Non-Blocking Code
P-10Taejin KimReal-Time Predictive UAV Maintenance Method: Development of Structure Assessment
P-11Taekyeung LimA visual avatar communication assistant generated by voice concept design
P-12Taeyoon JungStructural and Biochemical Characterization of the thiol methyl transferases METTTL7A and METTL7B
P-13Teresa Park Mitigation of cattle greenhouse gas emissions via data-driven monitoring and carbon credit trading
P-14Veerendra Sai JagathaImproving Student Engagement in a Mobile App Development Course
P-15Yeon Mi Hwang Characterizing Sex-Specific Differences in Placental Epigenome Using DNase-Sequencing Data
P-16Younjae KimOverview and Example Use Case Scenario of the SD-WAN Infrastructure
P-17Yuri Choe High-throughput Reactor Design for Rapid Screening of Chemical Vapor Deposition Processes
P-18Johnny ChoLanguage Learning Memory Game: Comparison of Computer vs. Virtual Reality
P-19Wonil ChungA Case Study of STREAM Activity Using the digital game made with Korean Traditional Play, “Seumnyeguk” for Lifelong Education of Active Digital Seniors
P-20Tae OhAn Exploratory Study on the Low Adoption Rate of Smart Canes
P-21Nathan ByunMy new smartphone OS
P-22Gwansuk KangVisualization of the HIFU focus using a 3D passive acoustic mapping algorithm with a rotational 2D array probe
P-23Baek-Young ChoiLightweight Mobile Application for Human Visual DeepFake Detection Using Corneal-Specular Highlights
P-24Sang-Won LeeTS-Fastformer: Fast Transformer for Time-Series Forecasting