Meet your Artists at the NWRC 2022 Gala

At the NWRC + KOCSEA + Changbal 2022 STREAM Event, a total of five talented artists will be exhibiting their artworks, with two artists from South Korea and three artists from the United States. Many of the artworks are created digitally, whether using a computer program or a digital illustrator tool.
Meet your artists and their amazing artworks at the NWRC 2022 Gala!



Ms. Ashley Lee

Ashley Lee likes to experiment with various materials and medium. During her gap year before she goes to Rhode Island School of Design, Ashley continues to create her works using digital art platforms, acrylic paints, watercolor, and ink pen. The theme of her artworks is all about interaction between people and the society and between people and non-living objects. She enjoys reading books related to philosophy and psychology, and creates artworks based on what she have learned.

Ms. Christie Lee

Christie Lee is an artist and student based in Washington. Her favorite medium are charcoal and digital art, and she enjoys capturing the moments surrounding her and illustrating her perspective on her artworks. Her inspirations are mostly from strangers and the various people she meet in her life. She believes that art should be for everyone, and that expressing oneself through art is one of the most enjoyable ways of getting to know one’s true self.

Mr. George Zantua

George Zantua is of a Native American heritage, and is an enrolled member of the Tlingit and Haida Tribes of Alaska. He is a retired social worker currently working as the art room supervisor for the Nativity House (a program for the homeless operated through Catholic Community Services). The early years of his life were spent with his grandmother and his great-grandfather to learn their interpretations of the older spiritual traditions. His grandparents were shamans and healers. Understanding life and having the vision to see the most respectful and honorable path in ones life was part of their medicine. His artwork is an attempt to explain their vision using the symbology they taught him.

Mrs. Hyekyung Nam

HyeKyung Nam graduated from the Department of Painting at Catholic University and graduated from the Department of Entrepreneurship and Master of Arts Management. She held 12 individual exhibitions throughout the years as an artist and participated in Art Fair held in locations such as Guangzhou, Daegu, Singapore, Seoul, Pohang, and Busan. She is currently a part of Korean Art Association, Shinjo Association, and Suseong Artists Association. As a director of the Daegu Art Association, she is the committee chairman of Daegu Art Association Gallery Project Committee as well. She is an assistant Director at the STREAM Digital-X-Forum.

Dr. Wonil Chung

Wonil Chung is currently a Ph.D. student in digital media arts department at Kyungpook National University. His exhibited artwork is titled 'The Narrow Road', expressing the journey of life as a path and expressing life through media art to overcome the process of endless marching.