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You want to learn Python from scratch? KSEA Seattle has prepared the basic programming seminar for you. Reserve your seat right now!

19th Mar 2022

01:00-04:00 PM

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Dr. Jin Chang, CityU Professor

Welcome to Python for Beginners!

This 3-hour seminar intends to provide the fundamental programming concepts using popular language called Python. The contents are designed toward entry students who haven’t been exposed to any programming language in the past and would like to explore the new computer skills in programming. There are 3 separate fun packed 1-hour sessions for newbies who want to explore the basic skills in programming.  

Session 01

1 - 2pm

Intro to Computer & Programming

Session 01 includes

Session 02

2 - 3pm

Arithmetic Operations & Conditional Statements

Session 02 includes

Session 03

3 - 4pm

Loops, Data Handling & Random Values

Session 03 includes

Seminar Instructor

Jin Chang is an acoustic/software engineer and has been working for 18 years at Philips in Bothell WA. He holds an industrial faculty position teaching computer programming languages (Python, C/C++, Assembly, PowerShell) and core computer science courses at City University at Seattle. He was the 2021 president’s teaching excellence award recipient at the University. He completed his Ph.D. at University of Notre Dame. He enjoys playing tennis and running at times.

Dr. Jin Chang

System Design Engineer at Philips Healthcare & Computer Science Professor at CityU


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