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Established in 1971

Non-profit professional organization and has grown to over 6,000 registered members with ~ 70 Local Chapters and Branches, ~30 Affiliated Professional Societies, and 13 Technical Groups across the United States. It is open for individuals residing in the U.S.A. who are engaged in science, engineering or a related field. 

The Seattle-WA chapter started in 1975 as the 15th chapter. As of January 2016, the Seattle-WA chapter has over 100 members from various fields with diverse background.


KSEA is a professional organization promoting science, cooperation between the U.S. and Korea, and a career network for Korean-American scientists and engineers.

Through KSEA, members can get excellent networking opportunities via local chapter activities and national events.


The KSEA Seattle Young Generation (YG) chapter, a part of a larger national KSEA organization, is a networking organization where young generation can meet, communicate, take leadership roles in running local events, and help each other.

What We Do

National Math and Science Competition

Annual competition for 4th – 11th grade students from the state of Washington. The KSEA provides prizes and scholarships to winners.

Northwest Regional Conference (NWRC)

Invites students and professionals from North California, Oregon, Idaho, and Washington to share insight on “state-of-the-art” technology and its future trend.

Academic Seminars

Non-periodic events to facilitate a better understanding of the latest issues mostly in science and technology field.

Career Mentoring

Professional members helps student counterparts seek out professional opportunities and prepare the career path in advance.

Community Service

Contribute to the local society by hosting a wide range of academic/educational events and supporting events that promote the relationship between U.S. and Korea.


The KSEA Seattle - WA chapter hosts diverse socializing events to promote networking between chapter members.


Meet our leadership team members.

2021 - 2022

Chapter Board Members

Sam Chung

City University of Seattle

Brian Maeng

Vice President
City University of Seattle

Sukyong Yun

Vice President
University of Washington

Catherine Ryu

Vice President

Alan Yu

Vice President

Byung Chul An

Membership Director
Volkswagen Automotive Cloud

Seyoung Nam

IT Director
University of Washington

Valerie Kim

Finance Director
University of Washington

Hyunsoo Lim

Publication Director
Monroe Sunrise Dental


Jae Hoon Kim
Woon Jong Yoon
Heonmin Lim


Sun Min Jung
Jae-Byung Jung
Daehyun Kim
Terry Kim

YG Advisor

Young Generation

Andy Kim

YG President
University of Washington

Yegee Lee


Cathy Lee

Northeastern University

Junghyun Kim


May Kim

University of Washington

Isaiah Kim

University of Washington

Rang Gyu Kim

University of Washington

Yeon Joon Jung

University of Washington

IT Team

Seyoung Nam

University of Washington

Cathy Lee

Northeastern University

Kimyou By

City University of Seattle

Valerie Kim

Finance Director
University of Washington


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