The Seattle-Washington Chapter started in 1975 as the 15th chapter of the non-profit Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association (KSEA), which was established in 1971.


The Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association (KSEA) is a non-profit professional organization established in 1971. It currently has 63 chapters nationwide with more than 10,000 scientists and engineers. Seattle-Washington Chapter started in 1975 as the 15th chapter. As of January 2014, the Seattle-Washington Chapter has over 100 scientist and engineer members from various fields such as: software engineering, mechanical engineering, civil/structural engineering, and bio-engineering.

Besides networking events with our local members, the Seattle-Washington chapter is also active with our local community. We are the flagship chapter running the annual KSEA National Math and Science Competition (NMSC) for students in 4th grade to 11th grade. The competition is offered in parallel in multiple locations across the USA, Canada, Austria, and Singapore, and provides prizes and scholarships to winners.

The Seattle-Washington chapter also participates in the annual Northwest Regional Conference (NWRC), which invites scientists and engineers from California, Oregon, and Washington to give academic presentations about current research.

Finally, an emphasis is placed on recruiting, training, and supporting new leaders in the fields if science and engineering. In particular, the Young Generation (YG) actively recruits new members and fosters the community, take leadership roles in running local events and national conferences, and provides refreshments to local university students during exam times.

Chapter Board Members

Junho Cha, PhD President

Dr. Junho Cha is a Senior Signal Integrity Engineer at Intel.

Michael Lee Vice President

Michael Lee is a PhD Candidate at the University of Washington's Information School.

Clara Park Vice President

Clara Park is a PharmD Student at the University of Washington.

Young Generation Leadership

Soo Eung Lee President

HyeYoun Grace Yang Vice President

Kyudon Josh Min Vice President

Eumji Park Vice President


National Math and Science Competition

Saturday, April 12th, 2014, 9:00am ~ 4:00pm

English | Korean

  • 등록 방법: 온라인, 우편 등록
    1. 재미과학자협회 본부 웹페이지 온라인 등록 클릭 후 Seattle Washington 링크를 클릭하여 등록.
    2. 참가 신청서를 다운로드합니다 here. 신청서를 작성하여 참가비 $35 (2인 이상 응시하는 가정은 1인당 $30)과 함께 우편으로 2014년 4월 5일(토)까지 아래 주소로 등록하여 주시기 바랍니다. (Payable to KSEA).
  • 참가 대상: 서북미지역 초, 중, 고등학생 (4학년-11학년)
    • 학부모님들을 위한 간담회를 준비할 예정입니다. 간담회 내용은 추후 공지해 드리겠습니다. 간담회 참가신청은 온라인 등록시 과학경시대회를 선택하여 주시고 우편등록시 해당란에 표시하여 주시기 바랍니다. 불가피한 행사 당일 등록은 오전 10시까지만 가능하며, 등록비는 $50입니다.
  • 참가비 (참가인원이 한정되어 있으니 사전등록을 서두루실 것을 권해 드립니다)
    • 사전등록: $35/1인 (2인 이상 응시하는 가정은 $30/1인)
    • 당일접수: $50/1인
  • 상장 및 시상 내역:
    • 수학부문 재미 한인 과학기술자 협회 시애틀/워싱턴 지부상 (각 학년별)
      • 금 상 (1명): 워싱턴 주지사 상 - 상장 및 부상
      • S은 상 (2명): 마이크로 소프트 상 - 상장 및 부상
      • 동 상 (3명): 시애틀 총영사 상- 상장 및 부상
      • 가족상 (가장 많은 수의 학생들이 참가한 몇 가족)
      • 장거리 참가상 (가장 먼 곳에서 오신 참가자 몇 가족)
      • 참가상 (상품은 추후 결정됩니다.)
    • 과학부문 재미 한인 과학기술자 협회 시애틀/워싱턴 지부상 (각 그룹별):
      • 금상, 은상, 동상
    • 수학 부문 재미 한인 과학기술자 협회 본부상 (각 학년별):
      • 미 한인 과학기술자 협회 서북미 지부상 수상자 중 각 학년별 전국 순위 1~3등에게 수여
      • 각 수상자에게는 소정의 장학금 지원

  • Registration: On-line or Mail
    1. Please go to KSEA HQ website at and follow Seattle Washington chapter link for on-line registration.
    2. Download a registration form here. Mail it along with a registration fee. (Payable to KSEA). Registration should be postmarked no later than Saturday, April 5, 2014.
  • Eligibility: Students from 4th through 11th Grades
    • In the afternoon, we will run a college life information session for parents in parallel with science competition. The topic will be determined soon. For the session registration, please select science competition during on-line registration, or indicate the selection in your paper registration form.
  • Registration Fee (Early registration is recommended due to limited availability)
    • Early registration: $35 per student ($30 per students for two or more early registration in a family)
    • On-site registration: $50 per student
  • Prizes and Awards:
    • Chapter Level Awards for Math Competition (per each grade)
      • Gold Award (1 winner) : Governor of the State of Washington
      • Silver Award (2 winners) : Microsoft
      • Bronze Award (3 winners) : Consul General of Korea
      • Family Award, Long Distance Award
      • Participation Award (TBD for prize)
    • Chapter Level Awards for Science Competition (per each group):
      • Gold, Silver, Bronze Awards
    • National Level Awards for Math Competition (per each grade)
      • The KSEA headquarter will present three awards for each grade. If you receive the chapter level awards, your name will be sent to the KSEA headquarters.
      • Each award will carry a cash prize of modest amount.

Microsoft Conference Center (Building 33)
16070 NE 36th Way
Redmond, WA 98052

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Junho Cha, PhD

Northwest Regional Conference

October 4th - 5th, 2014

Saturday, 1:00pm - 6:00pm; Sunday, 9:00am - 12:00pm

This year's Northwest Regional Conference (NWRC) is being hosted by the Oregon Chapter. Please find more information on the official NWRC site by clicking on the link to the right.

Portland State University
Engineering Building, Room 102
1930 SW 4th Avenue
Portland, OR 97201-5304

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